The best photography locations in Cincinnati |

The best photography locations in Cincinnati

Your engagement session is probably the first time that you have had professional photos taken. For most people this can feel a little intimidating at first and you have no idea where to go.. But don’t worry- I am here to help!

One of the first steps in preparing for your photo session would be choosing a location. There are a few things to consider when choosing a location:

Choose a location that means something to you.

If I can give you one piece of advice- this is it. Make sure your session represents you! If you like going to the park with your dogs, have an awesome house or there is a special place that you frequent, had a first date or got engaged at, then let’s think about going there! It’s always a lot of fun when we can incorporate a special location in some way.

Consider your hobbies and interests.

If you like ice cream, pizza or breweries don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. I always encourage my couples to do something a little different that represents you! And don’t feel like you have to be boxed in either- you can even do this at a park if you want the best of both worlds! Play a game, bring snacks, plan a picnic, pop champagne- We can make sure your photos are beautiful and special!

What is your style?

While I do recommend more than one outfit and multiple locations are certainly possible it is worth noting what your style is when choosing a location. If you love fancy heels and a formal dresses heading to a coffee shop or bookstore is probably not the best location for that so you might consider a city-vibe or somewhere with a little more wow-factor.

Where is your wedding happening?

I know this seems a little disconnected but if you are planning your engagement session then this is a great opportunity to pursue different options that you may not have on your wedding day. If you are getting married in the winter, you might consider a summer session. If your venue is going to be downtown in the winter, then a summer picnic in a park would allow you to have images that you love that are going to be totally different than photos from your wedding day.

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The top photography locations in Cincinnati are:


I love taking photos in Covington because the area offers a variety of backdrops. I will often meet a couple around Hotel Covington and then finish the session down the street around Mansion Hill/ George Rogers Clark Park.

Ault Park

This is probably the top park to have photos taken in Cincinnati. It is so big so there are a ton of gorgeous spots so you get the park setting along with the pavilion area. I love the grand-ness of the large stone staircase.

Laurel Court

If you want to feel like you are at a private mansion in Europe, then Laurel Court is the place. It does cost to shoot here and you have to schedule ahead of time with the owner’s but it is next on my list for my own personal photos!

Vinoklet Winery

This is another location that charges for a session (I think it is $25?) but it is super unique and adorable! I mean how many other wineries are there to shoot at in Cincinnati?!

Washington Park

I have been loving shooting at Washington Park lately! It is also pretty close to Piatt Park, Findlay market and P&G gardens if you would like to hit up 2 locations! I’ve had a few wedding parties choose this location for their wedding day and plan time to all get a drink at Taft’s Ale House.

I especially love Washington Park in the winter. The architecture and historic downtown setting is perfect to create timeless imagery and I prefer it to a park that is going to look kind of dead and brown.

French Park

French Park is my favorite in the summer!! Greenery paths, historic building, tall grassy fields- it is the perfect midwest location!

All of this to say we are honestly just super lucky that Cincinnati has so many beautiful locations and that you really cannot go wrong! We also have Smale Park, Eden Park, Devou Park and the list just goes on and on!

So if you have made it this far you are maybe thinking, “But what if it rains?”

For an engagement session, you can reschedule but obviously for the wedding you cannot. I sometimes do suggest rescheduling an engagement session just because you can’t control the weather on the day of your wedding so you may as well

So before we get started I want to preface this post with- Nobody really wants the rain but it is all about your attitude!! It is important to be flexible and trusting. The only thing that you can control is how much you choose to show love and forget the rest. Once you realign your focus and choose love- nothing else matters.

But lucky for you I do have some suggestions 🙂

P.S. I always have a trunk full of clear umbrellas so if these options are not possible we will work quickly to improvise and still make some magic!

The best indoor/rainy photo locations in Cincinnati are:

Cincinnati Art Museum

Hello, GORGEOUS!!! I actually had my wedding photos taken at the Cincinnati Art Museum so I am particularly fond of this location.. Not to mention museums are well maintained and so elegant!

There is a fee to shoot here but I believe it’s like $150 but it is money well spent to stay dry and not have to sacrifice style.

Hotel Covington

Hotel Covington is gorgeous and have a wonderfully intimate atmosphere with the boutique setting. This location is a great rainy day back-up however it is a public lobby for the hotel so you cannot ask guests to move and there may be another wedding party or someone who has booked the venue for an event.

Krohn Conservatory

Definitely need to call ahead for this location and they do have a fee but it’s totally worth it for this beautiful greenhouse setting!!! It’s like a tropical oasis!

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