Elizabeth & Dillon | Whitehall Columbia Station Wedding | Cleveland, Ohio |

Elizabeth & Dillon | Whitehall Columbia Station Wedding | Cleveland, Ohio

Where to even start with this wedding day?!

Elizabeth and I chatted on the phone last year and we clicked instantly. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio but their wedding was taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. For the record- my husband is from Cleveland, Ohio so it is very easy and convenient for me to travel there for weddings!

After their engagement session last fall Dillon was in a horrible accident, and the wedding almost didn’t happen. But these two are unstoppable. They are driven and love each other unconditionally. There is absolutely nothing that they cannot do together. I will never forget what Izzy’s dad said in his speech as I photographed with tears filling my eyes. He said “I hope you never have to go through something that bad again.” And the entire room cried and agreed.

I know it is my job to document and tell stories. Some do feel harder to tell than others. That is where my photographs come in. These stories are not mine to tell. It is a difficult thing for me emotionally to be exposed to people and love so raw and pure and have to do my job and keep working through it.

But I do not want this blog to be sad. In fact it is the exact opposite of sad. Elizabeth and Dillon’s wedding day was a celebration of life and how much they have overcome together.

It was a reminder to choose love, all the time. God is so good.