Ways to include your dog on your wedding day |

Ways to include your dog on your wedding day

Your dog is apart of your family so it is only natural that you might be looking for ways to include your pup at your wedding. This should come as no surprise to anyone reading this if you know anything about me- I LOVE dogs. They really are family so it is

There are a few factors to consider. Does your venue allow dogs/ timing/ how to get them where they need to be, etc.

Don’t worry I have done all the research! Here are some ways to incorporate your best furry friend on your wedding day.

Celebrate with your dog on your big day!

I know this is the most obvious one. There is nothing better than seeing your dog on your wedding day and grabbing a few photos with him or her while you are all dressed up.
This does present some logistics challenges – Does your venue now allow dogs? Consider having photos taken at a park or public place.
How will your dog get there? Ask a friend or family member to get your dog and meet us for some quick photos. Another option, if you use a resource like Rover, is to have another trusted person meet us!

Unfortunately having them there in person does not always work out. Sometimes for travel factors and sometimes because it is not what is best for your dog. Our dog is afraid of strangers so we knew Rover wasn’t an option and he would be a nervous wreck around a large wedding party and not cooperative with the photographers.

This was a bummer but, don’t worry, you can still include your dogs in lots of other ways!

Bride and groom kneel down next to their dog and smile on their wedding day

Signtaure Cocktail

You can have a signature cocktail at the reception in honor of your dog!

Framed photo of a bride and groom's dog with a signature cocktail named after him at a wedding reception


Koozies are a nice and easy favor for guests because you can never have enough, and they are practical. Put a picture of your pup on there!

Close up photo of koozies with a dog screen print sitting in a bowl at the bar of a wedding reception
Close up photo of dog treat wedding favors

Make your dog your cake topper!

Have your dog on your wedding cake!
A few cute Etsy shops I have seen are: Felt Cake Toppers
Clay Cake Topper
(Links are not affiliated I have just seen them and they are cute!)

Partner with your local animal so guests can go home with a new friend

Are you a huge advocate for animals and want to do something that is fun, unique and for a good cause?! Have some adoptable puppies come to the wedding!

A bride and bridesmaid hold a german shepherd puppy and snuggle with it