When I arrive the morning of a wedding I will take the time to check in, introduce myself, gather up your details and simultaneously snap some candids of everything hanging out and getting ready. 

For every wedding I bring styling boards (backdrops), ribbon, antique trays, some ring boxes, stamps and other miscellaneous items that help create a mood. So what exactly are the things that you should have with you while you are getting ready on your wedding day?

The short answer is- anything you want photos of! If you spent time, energy and money on it then let’s photograph it. If you are unsure just ask or include it anyways and we can omit it if it is not necessary. 

The list of items to bring

-Rings. A lot of times the rings end up with the guys but they are great to have in the morning so that I can take photos of them with the other details and I have the opportunity to get the rings all together.

If you have your own custom ring box then bring that too!

-Invitation suite and Save the date. If anything is front and back make sure to bring two copies!

-Menu or program, and any paper goods that are being used throughout the day. If you have name cards it would be great to have a couple or have your calligrapher or designer make a couple extra with your names! 

Custom items- Koozies, favors, etc.

-Your dress. I bring a couple nice ones as a back up but if you have one you love let’s include it!! Also remember that if you want a photo of all the bridesmaid dresses together you are going to want to get hangers for those also. Nothing ruins a dress shop like a cheap plastic hanger!

-Perfume bottle

-Vow books or letters. Letters can look especially nice if they are done in calligraphy or you have a cute heirloom vow book!

-Veil. The texture is so soft and romantic and looks amazing with the detail photos.




-Loose florals. A great way to get your details photos to have some dimension and look super lush is to include florals. I highly recommend asking your florist if they could bring some extra blooms or greenery so that we can use it for the flat lay. 

-Sentimental items and heirlooms. If you have a letter, gifts, heirloom jewelry, etc. they can be documented beautifully with the wedding details!

-Groom’s details (cologne, cuff links, shoes, handkerchief or tie)

This list can be quite extensive so I suggest keeping it all together in a box so that everything is organized when I arrive and as you are shopping and receiving items for your special day they are kept together somewhere safe!