The best getting ready locations in Cincinnati

On your wedding day you want the best photos so you definitely want the best getting ready location. Where you get ready on your wedding day will make a huge difference in the way that your photos look. This is one part of your wedding day that I highly recommend that you do not overlook or your photos may suffer. So I made this post to help guide you into finding the best locations for the start of your wedding day!

Things to look for when choosing a getting ready location


The more natural light the better!! This is important for well-lit, clean and natural looking photos. Hair and makeup professionals will also be grateful for the natural light! You do not want to be in a space with fluorescent overhead lighting or lamps that will create strange orange casts on everything.


A neutral space is prefered so that the focus is on the moments and not on the giant red wall in the hotel room. Colored walls also create color casts so everything (like your dress and skin tone) will reflect that color.


Have you ever been in a tiny hotel room with 3-4 hair and makeup artists, myself and an assistant, all the bridesmaids, parents and maybe grandparents and snacks/ bags/ dresses? I have! I highly recommend getting a hotel suite or large airbnb that has space for everyone to go so that you are not overwhelmed. You also want a little room so that when you get dressed you don’t have a bag of bagels on the side because there is no where else to go!

So where should you go?

Your venue

Lots of venues provide a bridal suite.. Estates, historic buildings, hotels and ballrooms usually have this option available. This is a great option because you can utilize the space and create some amazing portraits while you are getting ready. Can you imagine how beautiful portraits of yourself will bw while putting your earrings on in a grand ballroom filled with light? Another plus is that if you are at your venue then you do not have to worry about transportation! This will save you time and money!

Some Cincinnati venues that have suites on site:

Your house/ the house you grew up in

If you are able to make this work and choose a place that is special to you- do it!!


Often times airbnbs are less expensive that hotels, more unique and have a lot more space!

I did a quick search on Airbnb & found these really awesome locations!


I have 2 favorite hotels to get ready at on your wedding day. These hotels are the prettiest and have the most natural light & best photo locations.