Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Traditions |

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Traditions

One of the long-standing wedding traditions I always have fun photographing is ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue’. I love it because there is so much variety and creativity from my couples with the items they choose. It is also a really fun, sometimes emotional, way to learn more about them, their family traditions and values.

In the past the tradition was always geared more towards the bride. Whether it was their mothers wedding dress for their “Something Old” or their grandmothers hair comb for their “Something Borrowed”. What I love most about the tradition is how it has evolved to be something fun for both the bride and groom as well as with their guests.

Below are a few more modern twists that I have seen to personalize wedding days while keeping traditions alive.

Something Old

I always love a fun old-fashioned getaway car. This is not just a stylish way to leave, but it’s a fun last surprise for guests as well- and it always makes for the best pictures!

Family heirlooms are another favorite way to incorporate “Something Old” into your wedding day.

They always have a rippling effect with the people they touch. It’s a sweet little way to show appreciation and include those you wish were with you on your wedding day.

Something New

While I have not witnessed it yet, I am waiting for the day one of my couples gifts the other with a new puppy on their wedding day! Weddings + Puppies- there is nothing better! Until then- since I love detail pictures, perfume is always a fun “Something New”.

Being able to splurge on a perfume you’ve always wanted and to have a special scent to remind you of your wedding day is a fun take on this tradition.

Something Borrowed

Having four sisters myself, I had a lot of fun incorporating the something borrowed tradition in our wedding days. My veil was the real-life wedding version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I loved being able to gift them something so sentimental to me on their wedding day and create a fun family tradition for us because we didn’t have one before.

Something Blue

Florals! They are one of my favorite elements to a wedding, and a good bouquet always photographs so well. A good way to incorporate “Something Blue” without going overboard is adding little blue accent florals.

And lastly, bridesmaid dresses!

Why not let your girls be your “Something Blue” on your big day!

There is something so special about long-standing traditions and also about using your unique style and personalities to create something totally unique. What are some of your favorite wedding traditions?