Our Hawaii Honeymoon |

Our Hawaii Honeymoon

This might be the first personal post that I have ever blogged. I am so excited! I am going to try to keep this brief but those of you who know me know that I am never brief so I will do my best to let the photos speak for themselves!

Going to Maui was what Ryan and I said, “A dream I never knew that I had.” It is so true. We knew that we were going to go on a honeymoon but it wasn’t something we planned until about 3-5 months before our wedding day. We didn’t even book tickets until after. Ryan and I are workaholics so sometimes personal things get the last of our attention. 😉

Hawaii was never really on our radar. Obviously it’s incredible and everyone knows that but we didn’t really plan to see it.

I originally wanted to go to Europe for our honeymoon but after doing lots of research we decided to take the leap and head to Hawaii. We are busybodies (see the workaholic comment above) & usually prefer the mountains. Taking a trip to the middle of the ocean to paradise was exactly what we needed in our lives though!

Our trip to Hawaii was the furthest that we’ve travelled and it was the longest we have spent on a trip just the two of us.

It was unbelievable.

I miss it every single day.

Biggest take aways from the trip – Bring snorkeling gear with you everywhere, purchase the Maui Revealed guide book from Amazon, download the Gypsy app for the Road to Hana, drink all the Mai Tais.

One fun thing about these photos is that I shot most of these on film!

Our Honeymoon Photos

Can’t help it the coke is so good haha (JK we didn’t go in but I wanted to)
This was the view from our balcony