Low Light Wedding Photography

I think I should call this post the “Party Gallery” because that would also be true!

My intention behind this post is to showcase photos and lighting in low-light scenarios. A lot of times this is the reception part of wedding days.

Let’s just cut to the chase here- It is my opinion that you cannot properly photograph a wedding without using artificial light. It is important to see this kind of work from your photographer- I urge you to!

I receive emails from couples all of the time that emphasize how excited they are for the reception! Sometimes these kind photos don’t get displayed as much as they should as most websites and social media are filled with natural light images. It’s safe to say that every photographer should be able to shoot in gorgeous sunlight and outdoors. However, on a wedding day you will have many different scenarios! That’s why it is so important to see these dark/ indoor photos when choosing your photographer.

Do your due diligence- and make sure that your photographer is experienced and well-equipped ! You want to make sure that you always remember how amazing your party was!