Tips for the best getting ready photos on your wedding day |

Tips for the best getting ready photos on your wedding day

Getting ready on your wedding days is probably one of the things you are really excited for. I know I was. Having been a bridesmaid before (and being at weddings every weekend) , I knew that the morning of your wedding is filled with anxious excitement and a ton of girl time. I am one of 5 girls so being surrounded by girl’s, laughing and being silly, mimosas, music and all things hair and makeup is my happy place.

I also care a lot about photos. Obviously. Having been on the photography side of things I knew I wanted a space to get ready that was bright and full of natural light. This was a top priority for me.


The more light the better!! Choose somewhere fill with light and with neutral wall colors!!

I knew a room with orange lamps, dark carpet, reds/oranges, teals, etc. was not going to fit into the aesthetic of the day or fit the vibe I wanted for the morning. One thing that a lot of people don’t think of and I am probably crazy that I did was if the hotel room had closets/ multiple rooms. I have been to some really awesome hotels but if there isn’t a closet or separate room then all of that junk I just mentioned is basically everywhere. Having so many people in a small space really make the room seem small and cluttered.

Make Sure There is Space

Another consideration- I had a lot of people who were going to be with me that morning. Through wedding planning there was advice all over, “keep numbers to a minimum” and while I understand the point, I am one of 5 so I always have an entourage. And people roll deep on wedding days- seriously. Each girl has their own makeup touchup, casual clothing, shoes, their dresses, etc. There is absolutely no way that a regular hotel room would fit us all, the hair and makeup artists, and all of our stuff. A suite with multiple rooms, restrooms, and closets was a no brainer for us, and the amount of people that we had and the best part was that I was able to stay there the night before with my sister’s and the night of the wedding with my new husband. This was so worth it.

I got ready at the Renaissance downtown Cincinnati.
Photo by Jordan & Alaina

A few other suggestions for amazing getting ready photos and for enjoying your morning:

Choose Experience

Hire professional and experienced hair and makeup artists. They will know exactly how much time that they need to get everyone ready in time, and plan for a little extra time on top of that. There is nothing worse that rushing on your wedding day or leaving 45 minutes later than anticipated. You’ll be stressed and it will show!

Everyone gets dressed before the bride does. This ensures that anyone in those photos will be looking their best along side of you for photos. They will also be dressed and ready to go which will make any transitions or location changes seamless.

Have the Details Ready

Have the details together when your photographer arrives. I always start with details and keep an eye out for candids but I like to have time to photograph all of the pretty details that you have spend time getting. This also helps set the tone for the day and gives me an idea of your style. It also just makes for really pretty pics 🙂

RELAX. You have done all of the work. You have been waiting and planning for this day. Enjoy the morning, these will be some of your most cherished memories as you spend it with those who are closest to you. Dance, lauch, cry, watch your favorite movie, rap your favorite song- this is your day!!

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