Are you wondering what are the best shops in Cincinnati to find your dream wedding dress? There are a lot of places to choose from which is great because there is a ton of variety!

If you are from Cincinnati you are most likely familiar with The Reading Bridal District. The Bridal district is locating in Reading, Ohio (obviously) and has quite a few bridal shops, and wedding professional residences within walking distance. Some of the best wedding dress shops are located there. I remember the first time I drove through the area when I was in high school and looked at all the storefronts with the beautiful white dresses in the window. 

Wedding dress hanging the in bridal suite of The Transept

Of course, there are many other areas in the Cincinnati area so let’s take a look at the best places to shop for your wedding dress.

Bridal & Formal

I have lots of bride’s who find their dress at Bridal & Formal. They have one of the largest stores in the Bridal District with a large variety of designers and price points. They also offer dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers!

White Wisteria

White Wisteria is a gem located in the Reading Bridal district. Wisteria is a symbol for luck, affection and devotion. I think that sounds like a pretty great combo for riding your perfect wedding dress, don’t you!?

P.S. This is where I said “yes” to my dress!

Carrie Caribou

I cannot tell you how many times my bride’s have had unique and stunning dresses and they have been from Carrie Caribou. They also offer a selection of gowns for bridesmaids and mothers. 

Hyde Park Bridal

Hyde Park bridal is an adorable, upscale bridal boutique located in one of Cincinnati’s cutest neighborhoods. At Hyde Park Bridal you will have an intimate experience trying on gowns from exclusive designers. 

Mansion Hill Bridal

Mansion Hill is a newer bridal boutique located in historic Newport, KY

Luxe Redux

Luxe redux offers a large selection of upscale designer dresses at a discounted price. They

Wedding dress alterations:

There is one person I would trust my wedding dress with based on my personal experience.

Margaret Oldfield

Is there anywhere that I left out? Let me know where and how your experience was!