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Alex is a wedding photographer based
out of Nothern Kentucky serving local Cincinnati, Ohio and Kentucky couples.

"This blog is my best attempt to showcase the incredible honor that I have to witness my couples and their loved ones on sacred days, in special places as they commit their lives to one another.

These are all real images from real weddings. 
Because the best story is the exact one you are living right now.

I hope that you feel encouraged, touched, or enlightened as you scroll through these pages.


While I cannot actually make days last longer and create more hours in a day I can offer these simple suggestions to make the most out of your wedding day timeline so that the day feels longer. Having experience being at so many wedding days and playing a role behind the scenes and with timeline […]

These two laughed SO much together and were just an absolute joy to be around. I had so much fun photographing them and hanging out with them I wish we could do it all the time so I am already SO excited for their wedding day!! Haley is not from Ohio so she definitely wanted […]

I kind of just want to write “CUTE (x3) family and style goals” because it’s sooo true!! How adorable are Brit, Michael and MJ?! It was right before nap time, too but MJ was loving all of the snuggles and cute little songs sang from his parents who adore him so much!! Baby fever in […]

First thing- I don’t think a kinder, more genuine, gracious and sweet couple has ever existed. I love these two and their families so much!! From the very first time we met at Hotel Covington we totally clicked and throughout the planning process I have loved getting to know these two through conversations, Instagram chats, […]

Wedding planning can be overwhelming for sure but it is also a lot of fun! There are so many ways that you can personalize your wedding day to make sure that it feels like YOURS and one of the best way to do this is through your details. I love photographing wedding details because it […]