Meghan & Zach – The Carnegie of Columbia Tusculum – Cincinnati Wedding

Megan and Zach share one of the best love stories that I have ever heard.

Okay so get this- Meghan went shopping with her sister at Macy’s for a couch. A cute guy is on the same couch and asks her if she likes it. She tells his she does and she was going to purchase it. They part ways.

Time goes by. Meghan and Zach meet on an app and fall in love. When they move in together guess what came with Meghan? THAT COUCH. They realize in that moment that Zach was the cute guy on the couch!! Fate brought them together in more ways than one so I don’t know how you could ever not believe in soul mates after that!?

It was an honor to get to know these two and to document their wedding day. Zach has a hysterically dry and witty sense of humor and Meghan is easy going and full of love and grace. They compliment each other so well. Couples like this make me wish that they could get married over and over again so we could do this every weekend!!

Congratulations you two!!



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