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About Me

I am Midwest photographer serving the greater Cincinnati area for those who believe in capturing life, love and everything in between.

I love binge watching Netflix series, enjoying lime margaritas and eating too many scoops of Graeter's ice cream. I love 90s music, candles, and literally anything floral.
You can find me, almost always, in skinny jeans and a tee shirt hanging with my rescue pup.

I am a hopeless romantic, lover of light (especially Golden Hour), and love stories.
I believe in documenting authentic, genuine moments that show not only the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

There is nothing in the world quite like your love story, and I can't wait to preserve these moments, exactly as they are for you. I believe in your legacy, and your history and creating these moments so that you have them to cherish when you need them the most.

Head to the contact page to leave me a message or to say hello or send me an email

I can't wait to tell your story!



     Yes, I am one of those crazy dog ladies :)
My dog, Jax, is about as spoiled as they get, he even
sleeps on the pillows and gets lots of treats!

Being a fur-mama is my favorite thing in the
world and so is connecting with other animal lovers.

We love to go on hikes, play with other dogs,
walk to coffee shops and take long naps (especially this).

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On the rocks and with salt, please!

I am a firm believe there is nothing that a margarita (or a bubble bath) cannot cure.

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I love a good read!
I am passionate about English and literature. I was actually an English major for a year in college before I transferred to the art department to get my BFA.

When I finish a great book I actually get depressed for a few days when it is over. I love quotes from literature, too and I love hearing quotes incorporated into a wedding ceremony or decor.

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Ice Cream is a complete food group in my life that I believe I can live off of.

Can I get an Amen?

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In 2010 I was a sophomore in college and my grandma was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I spent a lot of time with her as her cancer took over and her health became worse. On one occasion I brought a camera along with me to her house. She was no longer able to communicate.
I talked to her, showed her my new camera and when I did my grandpa leaned over and gave her a kiss.
She smiled.
She was with us.
And I captured it on camera.
That was the the last time I ever saw her smile, she passed away 4 days later.
That is why I take photos. I take them so that you can remember the fleeting moments, the real moments, the joyful moments and everything in between so that those moments can last forever.

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